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Spicy Veggie Burger

Well…hello there. How ya doin? This recipe is a veggie burger recipe that I posted before and have remade it to make it easier, faster, thicker, less ingredients and gluten-free. It is not only an easier recipe, but it actually turned out even better! I stuck with the same flavors, just amped them up a bit and cut […]

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Crispy Sweet Potato Fries and Spicy Cream Sauce (Oil-free)

Simple, crispy, sweet and delicious. This isn’t a fancy recipe. Just something that I make ALL the time and have lots of people ask me how to make sweet potato fries. Who knew so many people wanted to know….well I understand because they are a bit harder to crisp up than traditional white potato fries. Well, […]

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Banana Molasses Cake With Molasses Cream Frosting (Vegan, GF & Oil-Free Versions)

I’ve never been much of a banana fan. I can only handle small doses of it. However, after I created this amazing banana molasses gluten-free cake, it was the perfect amount of banana, without overpowering. Topped with a light coconut molasses cream frosting made it pure heaven! When I saw Christina mention on her blog […]

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